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If you’re looking for first class voice lessons and vocal coaching, look no further. The voice instructors at EarthTone in LakeFields are the best in the Sungai Besi area. They will work with you one-on-one to help you hone your singing skills and unleash your singing potential. Lessons include a mix of vocal exercises and singing the songs you love. Our students come to us for vocal coaching for a variety of reasons. Some are trying out for school musicals, others want to form their own band, some want to expand their vocal range, and others just love to sing and want to learn proper technique. Whatever your motivation, we will place you with a trained professional who will help you develop the critical techniques that will allow you to achieve your goals and more. In lessons, students work on proper breathing, support, pitch, range, vocal technique, and musicality. More advanced training will help the student understand dynamics, develop chest and head voices, learn proper pronunciation of foreign languages, and learn about diction, vocal health, stage presence, characterization & presentation. From beginner to professional, from classical to pop, rock, musical theatre, country, jazz, opera, gospel, Broadway, and more, EarthTone provides high quality voice lessons with experienced and educated teachers. With a strong emphasis on healthy singing for life, our voice teachers combine a series of tailored exercises and music to help each student develop his or her unique, individual musical style and have fun at the same time!

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